Bethan Gray Shamsian Collection

As part of her exhibition at DesignJunction, Bethan is delighted to introduce Mohamad Reza Shamsian, a highly sought after, masterful Iranian artist, to the contemporary design world.

Shamsian had been searching for the perfect designer to translate his ancient, traditional craft into modern and contemporary designs. When he came across the award-winning Bethan Gray, he was immediately drawn to her highly original style and her deep empathy for Islamic art and craft.

The exclusive Shamsian Collection highlights the meticulous technique of inlaying/overlaying solid brass and paua shell inlay into coloured solid wood and maple veneer, creating a highly detailed, exquisite patterning that perfectly accentuates Bethan’s designs. The remarkable collection merges traditional craft with modern, elegant and contemporary design to create a truly unique and timeless aesthetic.