Created in collaboration with Giovanni Corrado, Creative Director of Baroncelli, this is the culmination of a long friendship between the two designers who first met at Decorex many years ago.

The ORION SWIRL and POLARIS SWIRL pieces feature individually mouthblown Murano glass spheres in blue, white and clear glass stripes, echoing the flowing lines of Bethan’s painterly Inky Dhow design.

‘The new lighting is an adaptation of Baroncelli’s existing FLEXUS series – it was a design I thought went really well with our collection, in the way it combines traditional Murano mouthblown glass techniques with contemporary brass highlights, which sit perfectly alongside my own pieces,’ says Bethan.

‘Collaborating with another designer is always very personal so this collection needed to reflect both of us,” says Giovanni. While the pieces capture the essence of Baroncelli’s original design, they are also imbued “with all of Bethan’s personality in this new addition. It’s a beautiful marriage of two designs, and two designers, and the result is showstopping,’

UPSWIRL, a one-off family of tabletop accessories, has been fashioned from spheres which didn’t meet the exacting requirements for the final lamps and pendants. The pair decided to try to cut or embellish them and ‘have a bit of fun,’.

The result is a unique series of bowls and whimsical objets which truly bring to life the quality, tactility and vibrancy of the mouthblown craftsmanship by Baroncelli’s team of Murano-based artisans.

‘They’re all slightly different, working well together as a family but each one special on its own,’ says Bethan