Leather Coffee Tables

Ideal as a statement piece or as a functional accessory, our stunning leather coffee tables add a sense of luxury to any room. Exquisitely crafted with belting leather for increased durability, a leather coffee table will quickly become a timeless classic. With an unparalleled level of detail, both our brogue and stud leather coffee tables offer a range of subtle features. From hand-applied studs to the brushed and finished feet in stainless steel or solid brass, our leather coffee tables epitomise quality. Available in a range of hues, we create leather coffee tables and furniture to complement your style and décor. Alternatively, we welcome individual commissions and are happy to create a bespoke leather coffee table to meet your desired specifications.

With every piece made to measure, you can be confident that our luxury leather coffee tables will exceed every expectation. Using Spinneybeck leather to create a sumptuous yet hardwearing finish, our leather coffee tables are a spectacular addition to any environment. In addition to creating an unmistakable visual impact, the leather covering featured on the surface and legs of our stud and brogue tables offers a unique element to your interior design. Texture is a fabulous way to add detail and depth to your décor, and leather is, perhaps, the most luxurious texture to enjoy.

The Perfect Centrepiece

The coffee table is a must-have piece at home and is a popular addition in offices and meeting rooms too. As a critical focal point, coffee tables draw the eye and embody the character and design of the entire room. For this reason, it’s important to select a piece that characterises the essence of your design choices and complements the textures, shades, and styles that accompany it.

When you incorporate our luxury leather coffee tables into your design, you’re choosing an elegant piece that combines form and function. The addition of brass and nickel on our stud leather coffee table and the solid brass or stainless steel legs featured on both our stud and brogue leather coffee tables ensure your centrepiece will complement a wide range of styles. Complementing marble, brushed metals and softer textures and fabrics, the versatility of our leather coffee tables adds to their appeal. As stylish and decadent addition to living rooms and offices, a leather coffee table is an effortless way to elevate your interior design to the next level.

Custom-made Leather Coffee Tables

At Bethan Gray, we understand the importance of creating high-quality furniture. As well as using drawing on inspiration from around the world to design unique pieces of luxury furniture, we retain control of the entire production process to ensure top quality materials and methodologies are used.

Featuring laser-cut leather crafted in North London and turned, brushed and finished in Norfolk, each piece is hand-made within the UK. What’s more – our dedicated team of craftspeople have exceptional talent and experience when it comes to creating bespoke pieces on demand. To choose the perfect centrepiece for your room now, simply take a look at our range of breath-taking leather coffee tables and let your imagination run wild.